Welcome to our famous school Malaca Instituto in sunny Málaga. Here we have gathered information about the school and its services. If you have any questions or doubts you are welcome to write us in the chat at the right bottom corner or schedule a free and commitment-free Skype appointment for us to guide you to the best suited school for your individual learning style. Please click the button below to calculate price and to buy a course.

Hello Málaga

Our school in Málaga is one of the oldest and most famous Spanish language schools in the World. Here you will learn Spanish from very experienced teachers in a language resort with swimming pool, cinema and ton of activities. This is our biggest school in Spain but students bond easily as most students reside on the school 24/7. You got buss connections to Málaga city center frequently and you will not be more than 15 minutes away from the cultural city of Málaga and just minutes walk from the beach. The school has 25 intelligently equipped classrooms and study materials developed and improved since the school was established in 1971, you will be in good hands. 

Even though this school has been around longer than most others school, the director Ida Walladsen, always finds room for improvements which is very much in the spirit of GoMezzo and one of the reasons why we are so proud of our corporation with Malaca where so many students, of all ages, has become fluent in their new language. Every week a number of teachers dedicate their time to understand special needs in each class and relevant additional exercises are added to ensure that everybody learns. If you want to expand your learning, the school library is equipped with ton of extra exercises for all levels developed by the schools teachers during the years.  

This school offer a small teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom and, throughout your stay, you may get to know 2-3 teachers per course. This helps with learning to understand the accent and grow sharp listening skills. Teachers provide personalised attention on each student’s progress by giving feedback. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly so you can feel comfortable speaking Spanish. You will be exposed to audio, visuals and in-room multimedia as well as practice grammar and vocabulary. This is a great school for longer studies and here all types of learners will feel comfortable.


Malaca teachers use a communicative method where you will learn by doing rather than memorising grammar and completing fill-in-the-black worksheets.

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Spanish is the only language used in class, so you will be speaking and communicating beginning from your very first day.

The focus is to teach you the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and oral comprehension. Your progress is evaluated weekly either in a project form or in small tests to give you feedback to develop.

The teachers

The schools has an extensive selection process ensuring that all teachers are highly qualified native Spanish speakers with high level training and experience.

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All Malaca teachers are native Spanish speakers with university degrees and many years of language teaching experience. Teachers performances are constantly evaluated and Malaca support teachers in their development.

Language Resort

Malaca Instituto is our language resort where you as a student can live, study and enjoy your time off. The school is unique in offering this kind of full service experience.

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Malaca Instituto and its on-site residence Club Hispánico form a mini-campus which includes 95 bedrooms, 25 classrooms, multi-media study centre, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, dance studio, multi-activity room, student lounge, mini-gym, 3 terraces and gardens. The school reception is open 24/7 and keep an eye on the younger students.

Welcome inside the school

Offered courses

Basic 20

from 145 EUR / week

Basic 20

4 hours of group lessons every weekday. Basic 20 is ideal for all Spanish levels to study communication, reading, writing and listening. We recommend adding private lessons to you Basic 20 course to grow your skills fast.

Intensive 24

from 195 EUR / week

Intensive 24

Basic 20 plus 4 hours of conversation in small groups every week. Intensive 24 is perfect for you who wants to grow your skills faster more affordably than private lessons.

Plus 26

from 210 EUR / week

Plus 26

6 hours of group lessons per day, Monday through Friday. Plus 30 is divided in morning lessons of 4 hours and afternoon lessons of 2 hours to reinforce the material from the morning sessions.


(4, 6 or 10 hours per week)

Private Lessons

To grow your skills faster you may add individual private lessons to your studies at this school. This allows you to focus specifically on the issues that you find challenging. We recommend private lessons especially for students participating at our Light 20 programme.


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